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BlackBerry Guard: Solution Brief

Published by: BlackBerry

Many businesses overlook or underinvest in managed detection and response (MDR), a critical aspect of effective cybersecurity. Organizations that do not implement strong MDR leave themselves open to catastrophic data breaches and crushing regulatory fines.
Security analysts at many small and mid-sized companies face several challenges. They often rely on a patchwork assembly of different tools to perform threat hunting and remediation, which when triggered can overwhelm a small team. The financial demands of maintaining a diverse toolset and experienced personnel may make streamlining security processes untenable. Whereas, although large businesses typically have a wider range of technological assets. There is likely a segment of their tech assets that falls outside the expertise and training of their analysts. This blind spot is precisely what threat actors will attack and use to move laterally into the environment.
BlackBerry® Guard is a subscription-based solution that provides robust protection and eliminates the difficulties companies encounter when performing MDR themselves.
Download now to learn more about BlackBerry Guard cybersecurity services.

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