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Why tech, cyber, and privacy risk management are key for digital transformation

Published by: ServiceNow

For many organizations technology, cyber, and privacy risk are managed under the umbrella of information technology (IT) risk. Today, IT is the engine that powers business innovation and competitive advantage. Organizations are accelerating digital transformation to deliver extraordinary customer experiences, radically increase productivity, and unlock new business insights.

While digital transformation is a huge opportunity, it's also an enormous risk. As organizations see an explosion of new systems and applications, there's a corresponding explosion in things that can go wrong. Managing IT risk is imperative. Organizations that effectively manage IT risk with integrated risk management solutions and respond in real time to emerging threats can confidently embrace the benefits of digital transformation, while those that don't face business disruption, reputational and legal consequences, and a fundamental barrier to innovation.
Read this ebook to discover three pillars for transforming IT risk management:

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