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Endpoint security versus productivity in transport and logistics: a false choice?

Published by: BlackBerry

Transport and logistics organisations form part of our critical infrastructure, which in itself makes them a high value target for those intent on financial extortion or simply causing chaos.
The connected nature of transportation is one of its biggest security weaknesses. As applications and the underlying data are increasingly integrated, and as the number of endpoints generating data grows, the potential attack surface grows with it. The interconnected reality of the transport and logistics industry means that if an attack on one endpoint within an organisation lands, all are vulnerable.
Furthermore, logistics companies are also connected with many other organisations in terms of the diversity of their wider supply chain connections. An attack on one part of that chain will have a knock-on effect to numerous other organisations – a fact well known to potential attackers.
Download now to learn why the transport and logistics sector does not have to choose between the securing of endpoints and the productivity of users – and security teams.

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