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Using the Azure Ecosystem to Get More from Your Oracle Data

Published by: Quest UK

How much more value and intelligence could you get from your Oracle data if you could work with it in Microsoft Azure?
You want to take advantage of the advanced analytic capabilities available in Azure, like Synapse Analytics. Or you've seen the promise of modernizing your architecture with highspeed data streaming products and you want to get more out of them.
You might think that you have to take the painful step of switching from Oracle to expand your options for data analytics in Azure. But in fact, you don't need to migrate to an entirely
different database. You can stay on Oracle while replacing your Oracle data warehouses and reporting systems with reimagined data warehouse or data analytics solutions in Azure.
This technical brief explores three ways you can use SharePlex by Quest to make your Oracle data coexist or integrate with Azure technologies. Data analysts and database administrators will see how SharePlex replicates data from Oracle in nearly real time to the Azure ecosystem. The replication technology in SharePlex offers IT resilience and expands your options for using Oracle data with products like Azure SQL Database, Azure Event Hubs and Synapse Analytics.

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