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Data Loss Prevention and Digital Transformation

Published by: Zscaler

Today's digital age has produced unprecedented amounts of data. Much of this data is considered sensitive, such as personal information about customers and employees, financial data, and intellectual property that businesses must keep safe. In another day and age, this information was printed on paper and secured in a locked file cabinet. Now, these highly valuable zeros and ones race from one place to another, more vulnerable than ever.
The need to protect this data is undisputable. It's an organization's lifeblood and it includes information that the organization has been entrusted to keep safe. Certain types of data are, therefore, regulated, and companies face stiff penalties for mishandling it. Not surprisingly, data is also valuable on the dark net, fetching up to five dollars for a single credit card number with address—the type of information many databases store in high volume. For all these reasons, it has become incumbent on organizations to implement comprehensive data loss prevention (DLP) solutions.

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