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Use a Modern App Platform and AI to Deliver Frictionless Customer Experiences

Published by: OutSystems

For any business, the goal is to continue attracting new customers and retain existing ones, all while ensuring increased customer satisfaction and revenue (not always in this order).
Customer experience, or CX, is a crucial part of that, and it has changed dramatically.
Customer experience is ongoing and dynamic, with numerous touchpoints where customers can engage with your brand - website, mobile app, social media, chatbots and call centers - and their opinions are impacted and formed based on the sum of those partners. Are you capturing customer feedback and using it to make adjustments to these customer touchpoints?
Unipro has been developing and optimising bespoke web and mobile applications for world leading companies since 1997. Technology innovations have been accelerated by Low-Code helping to meet the changing demands of the modern world 10 times faster than traditional methods. What makes us different
is we have the experience to combine Low-Code with traditional coding to solve the most complex business challenges.
Read this ebook to learn about using customer feedback and AI to help you improve your app releases and how you can deliver frictionless CX with a modern application platform like OutSystems.

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