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Learn 5 remedies for the top IT pains and how to thrive by following them

Published by: ServiceNow

The shifts in workforce and processes have uncovered severe gaps in IT systems and approaches, resulting in three common IT pains: mounting costs from trying to adapt to the shortfalls, inability to scale IT service efficiently, and poor service experiences. What's the treatment plan for these ailments? Start by bringing your technology services and operations together.
In this eBook, we'll explore the benefits of combining two traditionally disparate and disconnected areas of IT: service management (ITSM) and operations management (ITOM). By breaking down the silos between ITSM and ITOM, you can pivot away from ever-growing IT budgets, staff inefficiency and disappointing IT service to achieve:
Discover five ways you can take full advantage of the benefits you derive from combining ITSM and ITOM to virtually eliminate the three most common IT pains. Say goodbye to ever-growing IT budgets, staff inefficiency and disappointing IT service.

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