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Harden your attack surface with workflows and automation

Published by: ServiceNow

Remote work and the acceleration of digital transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed more companies to the cloud. This has expanded the attack surface of many organizations and has led to more expensive breaches in 2020, according to the Ponemon Institute.1 Preventable errors like misconfigurations are also expected to become a leading cause of cloud breaches. So how do you effectively protect your organization?
There's no limit to the number of security tools on the market to help you harden your attack surface and thwart attackers. But just adding more tools isn't enough. In fact, more tools often only create more alerts for staff to investigate—an additional challenge when security staff are in short supply. And many organizations are still using cumbersome spreadsheets to manage security hygiene.
With so much to keep track of, prioritization is critical to know where to start, but a recent study by ESG Research found many organizations struggle with this. 61% of organizations surveyed said they understand the importance of security hygiene but find it difficult to prioritize the right actions that can have the biggest impact on risk reduction.
As the attack surface continues to grow, it's not surprising that some teams are overwhelmed trying to keep up. To have a successful, proactive security program, you need to integrate the tools and teams involved to see the bigger picture and understand your risks. Workflows and automation can help you work effectively across teams to prioritize and remediate issues before they become a breach. Let's look at six steps you can take for more efficient and effective attack surface hardening.
Read now to find out the 6 steps you can take to better security hygiene.

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