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Solve your call center's seasonal capacity problem

Published by: Genesys

Seasonal surges in capacity, while difficult, are par for the course for most businesses. And while there's no way to fully standardize your business levels, you can manage changes—with proper planning. The first step is to look at your historical data and identify the peaks and valleys that your company experiences. Plan staffing out from there and then focus on the trickier issues that go beyond normal business fluctuations.
Fundamental to handling your baseline volume is having a trained and engaged workforce. That means having agents in seats, with the proper tools and the know-how to use those tools. But agent retention is increasingly difficult, turnover rates continue to soar and job satisfaction Net Promoter Scores (NPS) plummet. And as the worker pool shifts to include more Millennials and Generation Z workers—whose expectations for type of work and employers differ greatly from previous generations—some organizations struggle to adapt to a new employee mindset. To attract the best agents—and keep them—your business must evolve with your workforce.
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